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Basil Bunting: Man and Poet

Edited by Carroll F. Terrell


The Man

Carroll F. Terrell, “An Eccentric Profile”

Hugh Kenner, “The Sound of Sense”

Theodore Enslin, “As Homage to Basil Bunting: Some Articles of Faith”

The Poet

Eric Mottram, “‘An Acknowledged Land’: Love and Poetry in Bunting’s Sonatas”

David M. Gordon, “The Structure of Bunting’s Sonatas”

Sister Victoria Marie Forde, S.C., “The Odes”

Peter Quartermain, “‘To Make Glad the Heart of Man’: Bunting, Pound and Whitman”

A Briggflatts Symposium

Donald Davie, “One Way to Misread Briggflatts

John Peck, “Bardic Briggflatts”

M. L. Rosenthal, “Streams of Tonality in Bunting’s Briggflatts

L.S. Dembo, “Bunting’s Briggflatts: A Strong Song to Tow Us”

Anthony Suter, “Briggflatts and the Resurrection of Basil Bunting”

The Thinker

Dale Reagan, “Basil Bunting obiter dicta”

William S. Milne, “Basil Bunting’s Prose and Criticism”

The Translator

Cid Corman, “Earwork”

Sister Victoria Marie Forde, S.C., “The Translations and Adaptations of Basil Bunting”

Parvin Loloi & Glyn Pursglove, “Basil Bunting’s Persian Overdrafts: A Commentary”

The Testament

Dana Wilde, “Year by Year Bibliography of Basil Bunting”

Roland Nord, “A Bibliography of Works about Basil Bunting with Extended Commentary”

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