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H.D.: Woman and Poet

Edited by Michael King


Loved of Love

Perdita Schaffner, “Keeper of the Flame”

Mary de Rachewiltz, “For H.D.”

Silvia Dobson, “Woof and Heave and Surge and Wave and Flow”

May Sarton, “Letters from H.D.”

John Walsh, “H.D., C.G. Jung & Küsnacht: Fantasia on a Theme”

The Heritage

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, “Family, Sexes, Psyche: An Essay on H.D. and the Muse of the Woman Writer”

Susan Stanford Friedman, “Modernism of the ‘Scattered Remnant’: Race and Politics in the Development of H.D.’s Modernist Vision”

In the Tradition

Alicia Ostriker, “Staring at the Pacific, and Swimming In It”

John Peck, “A Weaving at the Zollbrücke in Zürich”

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, “Praxilla’s Silliness”

Sandra M. Gilbert, “Lesbos”

Barbara Guest, “Biography”

The Poet

Dale Davis, “Heliodora’s Greece”

Mary K. DeShazer, “‘A Primary Intensity Between Women’: H.D. and the Female Muse”

Albert Gelpi, “Re-membering the Mother: A Reading of H.D.’s Trilogy

Deborah Kelly Kloepfer, “Mother as Muse and Desire: The Sexual Politics of H.D.’s Trilogy

The Prose Writer

L. S. Dembo, “H.D. Imagiste and Her Octopus Intelligence”

Adalaide Morris, “Autobiography and Prophecy: H.D.’s The Gift

Janice S. Robinson, “What’s In a Box?: Psychoanalytic Concept and Literary Technique in H.D.”

Jeanne Kerblat-Houghton, “‘But Am I Wrong’?: A Study of Interrogation in End to Torment

Joseph Milicia, “Bid Me to Live: Within the Storm”

Film and Photography

Charlotte Mandel, “Magical Lenses: Poet’s Vision Beyond the Naked Eye”

Diane Collecott, “Images at the Crossroads: The ‘H.D. Scrapbook’”

Anne Friedberg, “Approaching Boarderline

The Testament

Mary S. Mathis and Michael King, “An Annotated Bibliography of Works About H.D.: 1969-1985”


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