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Ronald Johnson: Life and Works

Edited by Joel Bettridge and Eric Murphy Selinger


Part One

Ratatouille & Co.: Johnson in Context

Mark Scroggins, “Notes and Numbers (Johnson, Ives, Zukofsky)

Patrick Pritchett, “Olson, Orpheus, Oz”

Norman Finkelstein, “Exploring the Johnson-Duncan Connection”

Andre Furlani, “‘Yours Be the Speech’: Ronald Johnson’s Milton and Guy Davenport’s Bashō”

Edward Foster, “Not Where We Used to Be Now: Protestant Aesthetics in the Poetry of Ronald Johnson and William Bronk”

Donald Revell, “They Drank an Arrowhead: Henry Thoreau and Ronald Johnson”

Barbara Cole, “To Do As Eve Did: Ronald Johnson’s Dickinsonian Poetics of (Not) Choosing”

Susan M. Schultz, “Grandmothers and Hunters: Ronald Johnson and Feminine Tradition”

Part Two

Windows Only Outward: Early and Concrete Poems

Mark Scroggins, “The Book of the Green Man: Ronald Johnson’s American England”

George Hart, “A New Green Script: Reading The Book of the Green Man Ecorcritically”

Michael Basinski, “The Concrete Poetry of Ronald Johnson in Relation to That of Ian Hamilton Finlay”

Jonathan Brannen, “Into the Words: Ronald Johnson’s Visual Poetry”

Marjorie Perloff, “Ronald Johnson’s Verbicovisuals: Songs of the Earth

Jena Osman, “Paronomastic Migrations”

Logan Esdale, “Editing Paradise (Lost): Milton, Bentley, and Johnson”

Nicholas Lawrence, “Ronald Johnson’s Radi os: A Report on Method”

TABLE 1: Maze / Mane / Wane

TABLE 2: First page of Book I, Paradise Lost, crossed out by Johnson

TABLE 3: Pages two and three of Book I, Paradise Lost, crossed out by Johnson

Part Three

Paradise Found: ARK

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, “Echological Scales: On ARK of Ronald Johnson”

Eric Murphy Selinger, “ARK as a Garden of Revelation”

Joel Bettridge, “Camp, Reading, Democracy”

Eric Keenaghan, “World-Building and Gay Identity: Ronald Johnson’s Singularly Queer Foundations

Jonathan Skinner, “Upper Limit Tu-Whit: Ronald Johnson’s Field Guide Poetries”

Burt Kimmelman, “The Lyre and the Atom: Ronald Johnson’s Reinvention of Nature”

Gregg Biglieri, “‘Of My Cells I Sponge’: Quotation and the Sublime of Minute Particulars in Ronald Johnson’s Poetry”

Richard Deming, “‘Common Places of Feeling’: Ronald Johnson and the Space of Poetics”

Part Four

Countdown for Lift Off: Later and Posthumous Works

Graham Foust, “‘a place of spulcher / in splice of time’: An Essay for Ronald Johnson’s Blocks

Paul Naylor, “After ARK

Bradin Cormack, “A Syntax of Vision: The Last Poems of Ronald Johnson”

Devin Johnston, “Trespass and Permission in The Shrubberies

Part Five

Cheers, Ron: Interviews and a Memoir

Barry Alpert, “Ronald Johnson: An Interview (1974)”

Peter O’Leary, “An Interview with Ronald Johnson (1995)”

Peter O’Leary, “Gilding the Buddha: My Apprenticeship with Ronald Johnson”


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