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Marianne Moore: Woman and Poet

Edited by Patricia C. Willis


The Woman and Her Poetry

Grace Schulman, “Marianne Moore and the American Renaissance”

Andrew J. Kappel, “Notes on the Presbyterian Poetry of Marianne Moore”

Louise Collins, “Marianne Moore, Melvil Dewey, and Lake Placid”

John M. Slatin, “The Town’s Assertiveness: Marianne Moore and New York City”

Daniel L. Guillory, “Marianne Moore and Technology”

The Poems and a Play

Charles Molesworth, “Moore’s Masterpiece: The Pangolin’s Alternating Blaze”

Ann Struthers, “Marianne Moore’s Use of Grace in ‘The Pangolin’”

Margaret Holley, “‘Granite and Steel’: The Artist as Anthologist”

Ruth Carrington, “Marianne Moore’s Metaphysical Giraffe”

Jeredith Merrin, “Re-Seeing the Sea: Marianne Moore’s ‘A Grave’ as a Woman Writer’s Re-vision”

Elizabeth Gregory, “‘Silence’ and Restraint”

Bonnie Honigsblum, “Marianne Moore’s Revisions of ‘Poetry’”

Jeffrey D. Peterson, “Notes on the Poem(s) ‘Poetry’: The Ingenuity of Moore’s Poetic ‘Place’”

Maureen Wagner, “The Inclusive Impulse in the Poetry of Marianne Moore”

Bruce Henderson, “Marianne Moore and The Absentee: The Poet as Playwright”

Poet among Poets, a Painter and Critics

Sister Bernetta Quinn, “The Artist as Armored Animal: Marianne Moore, Randall Jarrell”

Linda Leavell, “Marianne Moore and Georgia O’Keeffe: ‘The Feelings of a Mother – a Woman or a Cat’”

Lisa Steinman, “‘The Magnanimity of a Poetry which Transfigures What It Values’: Marianne Moore and Josephine Miles”

Betsy Erikkila, “Elizabeth Bishop and Marianne Moore: The Dynamics of Female Influences”

Rosanne Wasserman, “‘A Tutelary Muse’: Moore’s Influence on Bishop”

Cyrena N. Pondrom, “Marianne Moore and H.D.: Female Community and Poetic Achievement”

Peggy Phelan, “Weapons and Scalpels: The Early Poetry of H.D. and Marianne Moore”

Christopher J. Knight, “Marianne Moore: Appreciating Both the Trope of the Imagination and Wallace Stevens’s Handling of the Same”

Gyorgyi Voros, “Marianne Moore and Wallace Stevens: Two Versions of the Gorgeous Surface”


Bonnie Honigsblum, “An Annotated Bibliography of Works about Marianne Moore: 1977-1990”


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