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Charles Reznikoff: Man and Poet

Edited by Milton Hindus


The Man

Marie Syrkin, “Charles: A Memoir”

David Ignatow, “Charles Reznikoff: A Memoir”

Eliot Wienberger, “Another Memory of Reznikoff”

Mary Oppen, “Walking with Charles Reznikoff”

Harvey Shapiro, “Remembering Charles Reznikoff”

Anthony Rudolf, “Thinking of Rezzy”

Ruth Whitman, “Charles Reznikoff: A Person Encounter”

Charles Reznikoff, “A Talk with L.S. Dembo”

Charles Reznikoff and Reinhold Schiffer, “The Poet in His Milieu”

Janet Sternburg and Alan Ziegler, “A Conversation with Charles Reznikoff”

The Poet

Allen Ginsberg, “Reznikoff’s Poetics”

Paul Auster, “The Decisive Moment”

Michael Heller, “The Modernity of Charles Reznikoff”

Anne Stevenson with Michael Farley, “Charles Reznikoff in His Tradition”

L.S. Dembo, “Objectivist or Jew: Charles Reznikoff in the Diaspora”

Randolph Chilton, “Charles Reznikoff: Objectivist Witness”

Linda W. Wagner, “Charles Reznikoff, Master of the Miniature”

Linda Simon, “Reznikoff: The Poet as Witness”

Robert Franciosi, “A Story of Vocation: Charles Reznikoff’s Rhythms (1918)”

Tom Sharp, “Reznikoff’s Nine Plays

Charles Tomlinson, “Of Charles Reznikoff”

George Oppen, “Facsimile Letter to Milton Hindus”

Peter Quartermain, “Exploring the Mere: A Note on Charles Reznikoff’s Shorter Poems”

Sylvia Rothchild, “From a Distance and Up Close: Charles Reznikoff and the Holocaust”

Janet Sutherland, “Reznikoff and His Sources”

Milton Hindus, “Epic, ‘Action-Poem,’ Cartoon: Charles Reznikoff’s Testimony: The United States: 1885-1915

The Prose Writer

Eric Homberger, “Charles Reznikoff’s Family Chronicle: Saying Thank You and I’m Sorry”

Alan Lelchuk, “Against the Grain: Reznikoff’s The Manner Music

The Testament

Lionel Trilling, “Genuine Writing”

Louis Zukofsky, “Program: ‘Objectivists’ 1931”

Milton Hindus, “‘…And Ask for a Poem'”

Hayden Carruth, “The Tide Comes In”

Charles Reznikoff, “Entries for Encyclopaedia Judaica

Linda Simon, “An Annotated Bibliography of Works About Charles Reznikoff: 1920-1983”


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