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May Sarton: Woman and Poet

Edited by Constance Hunting


An Eccentric Biography

Constance Hunting, “An Eccentric Biography”

The Autobiographer

Charles E. Frank, “May Sarton: Approaches to Autobiography”

Carolyn G. Heilbrun, “May Sarton’s Memoirs”

Suzanne Owens, “House, Home and Solitude: Memoirs and Journals of May Sarton”

The Novelist

Mary Lydon, “A French View of May Sarton”

Deborah Thyng, “‘The Action of the Beautiful’: The Concept of Balance in the Writings of May Sarton”

Renée Creange, “The Country of the Imagination”

Sheila Shaw, “Living Rooms: Amity in the Novels of May Sarton”

Jane S. Bakerman, “Patterns of Love and Friendship: Five Novels by May Sarton”

Jane S. Bakerman, “May Sarton’s The Small Room: A Comparison and an Analysis”

Mary Bryan, “Rage for Justice: Political, Social and Moral Consciousness in Selected Novels of May Sarton”

Jane S. Bakerman, “Perimeters of Power: An Examination of As We Are Now

Gayle Gaskill, “Redefinitions of Traditional Christian Emblems and Outlooks in May Sarton’s Novels of 1970-1975”

The Poet

Sigrid H. Fowler, “A Note on May Sarton’s Use of Form”

Darlene Mathis Eddy, “The Sculptor and the Rock: Some Uses of Myth in the Poetry of May Sarton”

Maureen Connelly, “Metaphor in Five Garden Poems by May Sarton”

Henry Taylor, “The Singing Wound: Intensifying Paradoxes in May Sarton’s ‘A Divorce of Lovers’”

Constance Hunting, “‘The Risk Is Very Great’: The Poetry of May Sarton”

The Testament

Paula G. Putney, “‘Sister of the Mirage and Echo’: An Interview with May Sarton”

Karla Hammond, “To Be Reborn: An Interview with May Sarton”

Karla Hammond, “A Further Interview with May Sarton”

Robin Kaplan and Shelley Neiderbach, “‘I Live Alone in a Very Beautiful Place’: An Interview with May Sarton”

The Summing Up

George Bailin, “A Shining in the Dark: May Sarton’s Accomplishment”


Lenora P. Blouin, “A Revised Bibliography”


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