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Lorine Niedecker: Woman and Poet

Edited by Jenny Penberthy

The Life

Jerry Reisman, “Lorine: Some Memories of a Friend”

Edwin Honig, “A Memory of Lorine Niedecker in the Late ‘30s”

Lorine Niedecker, “Letters to Celia and Paul Zukofsky, 1949-1959”

Paul G. Hayes, “‘At the Close – Someone’: Lorine’s Marriage to Al Millen”

Gail Roub, “Getting to Know Lorine Niedecker”

Lorine Niedecker, “Local Letters”

The Woman

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, “Lorine Niedecker, the Anonymous: Gender, Class, Genre and Resistances”

Jane Augustine, “‘What’s Wrong with Marriage’: Lorine Niedecker’s Struggle with Gender Roles”

Marjorie Perloff, “‘L. Before P.’: Writing ‘For Paul’ for Louis”

The Poet I

Lorine Niedecker, “Letters to Poetry Magazine, 1931-1937”

Peter Nicholls, “Lorine Niedecker: Rural Surreal”

Peter Quartermain, “Reading Niedecker”

Michael Heller, “The Objectified Psyche: Marianne Moore and Lorine Niedecker”

Jeffrey Peterson, “Lorine Niedecker: ‘Before Machines’”

Richard Caddel, “Consider: Lorine Niedecker and Her Environment”

Gilbert Sorrentino, “Misconstruing Lorine Niedecker”

The Poet II

Karl Gartung, “Photographs of Wintergreen Ridge, early spring 1992”

Kenneth Cox, “The Longer Poems”

Lorine Niedecker, “Lake Superior Country”

Douglas Crase, “Niedecker and the Evolutional Sublime”

Joseph M. Conte, “Natural Histories: Serial Form in the Later Poetry of Lorine Niedecker”

Donald Davie, “Niedecker and Historicity”

Lisa Pater Franada, “‘Seashells on Mountain Tops’: The Poetics of Aging”

The Testament

Tandy Sturgeon, “An Annotated Secondary Bibliography of Lorine Niedecker, 1947-1995”

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William Carlos Williams: Man and Poet

Edited by Carroll F. Terrell


Dova Sta Memora

Allen Ginsberg, “Williams in a World of Objects”

Robert Creeley, “A Visit to an Idol”

Philip Booth, “William Carlos Williams – An Open Thanksgiving”

Hayden Carruth, “The Agony of Dr. Paterson”

Ralph Gustafson, “Meeting the Great Man”

The Man

William Eric Williams, “Life with Father”

Mary Barnard, “William Carlos Williams and the Poetry Archive at Buffalo”

Edith Heal Berrien, “Memory is a Sort of Renewal”

John G. Dollar, “William Carlos Williams and the Polytopic Club”

Roberta Chester, “On Thinking About an Interview with William Carlos Williams on the Subject of the Aesthetic Philosophy in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens”

Roy Miki, “Driving and Writing”

Richard C. Zbornik, “On Stealing Paterson I and Other Poems for William Carlos Williams”

The Poet I

Ezra Pound, “The Tempers”

Denise Levertov, “The Ideas in the Things”

Cid Corman, “Spring & All”

Marjorie Perloff, “‘To Give a Design’: Williams and the Visualization of Poetry”

Diana Collecott Surman, “Towards the Crystal: Art and Science in Williams’s Poetic”

Hugh Witemyer and E. P. Walkiewicz, “Desert Music: Carlos Williams in the Great Southwest”

Norman M. Finkelstein, “Beauty, Truth and The Wanderer

The Poet II

Robert G. Basil, “Imagination and Despair in Williams”

Christopher Collins, “The Moving Eye in Williams’s Earlier Poetry”

Jonathan Mayhew, “William Carlos Williams and the Free Verse Line”

Anne Janowitz, “Paterson: An American Contraption”

Marilyn Kallet, “‘Conversation as Design’ in ‘Asphodel, That Greeny Flower’”

Rod Townley, “Bidding for Fame at 50: Williams’s Collected Poems 1921-1931

The Prose Writer

Ezra Pound, “Dr Williams’s Position”

Ron Loewinsohn, “The Sourness of Sour Grapes: Williams and the Religion of Art”

Gilbert Sorrentino, “Polish Mothers and ‘The Knife of the Times’”

Kerry Driscoll, “The Mythos of Mother or Yes, Mrs. Williams

Neil Baldwin, “The Stecher Trilogy: Williams as Novelist”

Bruce Comens, “Williams, Botticelli, and the Renaissance”

Thomas Schaub, “Williams, Sorrentino, and the Art of the Actual”

The Testament

Joseph Brogunier, “An Annotated Bibliography of Works About William Carlos Williams: 1974-1982”

Stephen Boardway, “Index of People, Books and Things”

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