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T. S. Eliot: Man and Poet, vol. 1

Edited by Laura Cowan


“A Shape and a Significance”: Eliot’s Works in General

A.D. Moody, “Eliot’s Formal Invention”

Ronald Bush, “‘Turned Toward Creation’: T.S. Eliot, 1988”

James Longenbach, “Uncanny Eliot”

Hugh Kenner, “Eliot and the Voices of History”

Russell Elliott Murphy, “Eliot’s Grandchildren: The Poet of The Waste Land and the Generation of the Sixities”

Shyamal Bagchee, “Eliot’s ‘Only’ (and ‘All’)”

“The Whole of Literature: A Simultaneous Existence”: Eliot and Foreign Works

Harvey Gross, “Compound Ghost, Triple Devil, Terminal Books”

Joan Fillmore Hooker, “Visions and Revisions: ‘Gerontion’ in French”

Mohammad Shaheen, “Eliot in Modern Arabic Poetry”

“The Three Voices”: Eliot’s Individual Works

Early Poetry

Edward Lobb, “Chamber Music: Eliot’s Closed Rooms and Difficult Women”

The Waste Land

Joseph Bentley and Jewel Spears Brooker, “How to Read the End of The Waste Land


Louis L. Martz, “Ash-Wednesday: Voices for the Veiled Sister”

Four Quartets

Barbara Everett, “East Coker: The Village of the Heart”

Cleo McNelly Kearns, “Doctrine and Wisdom in Four Quartets

James E. Miller, Jr., “Four Quartets and an ‘Acute Personal Reminiscence’”


Richard Badenhausen, “‘When the Poet Speaks Only for Himself’: The Chorus as ‘First Voice’ in Murder in the Cathedral

W.B. Worthen, “Murder in the Cathedral and the Work of Acting”

“A Distinctive Activity of the Civilized Mind”: Eliot’s Criticism

J. P. Riquelme, “Aesthetic Values and Processes in Eliot, Arnold, and the Romantics”

Sanford Schwartz, “T.S. Eliot and the Revolt Against Dualism: His Dissertation on F.H. Bradley in Its Intellectual Context”

Jeffrey M. Perl, “A Post-War Consensus”

Richard Shusterman, “Reactionary Meets Radical Critique: Eliot and Contemporary Cultural Criticism”


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Basil Bunting: Man and Poet

Edited by Carroll F. Terrell


The Man

Carroll F. Terrell, “An Eccentric Profile”

Hugh Kenner, “The Sound of Sense”

Theodore Enslin, “As Homage to Basil Bunting: Some Articles of Faith”

The Poet

Eric Mottram, “‘An Acknowledged Land’: Love and Poetry in Bunting’s Sonatas”

David M. Gordon, “The Structure of Bunting’s Sonatas”

Sister Victoria Marie Forde, S.C., “The Odes”

Peter Quartermain, “‘To Make Glad the Heart of Man’: Bunting, Pound and Whitman”

A Briggflatts Symposium

Donald Davie, “One Way to Misread Briggflatts

John Peck, “Bardic Briggflatts”

M. L. Rosenthal, “Streams of Tonality in Bunting’s Briggflatts

L.S. Dembo, “Bunting’s Briggflatts: A Strong Song to Tow Us”

Anthony Suter, “Briggflatts and the Resurrection of Basil Bunting”

The Thinker

Dale Reagan, “Basil Bunting obiter dicta”

William S. Milne, “Basil Bunting’s Prose and Criticism”

The Translator

Cid Corman, “Earwork”

Sister Victoria Marie Forde, S.C., “The Translations and Adaptations of Basil Bunting”

Parvin Loloi & Glyn Pursglove, “Basil Bunting’s Persian Overdrafts: A Commentary”

The Testament

Dana Wilde, “Year by Year Bibliography of Basil Bunting”

Roland Nord, “A Bibliography of Works about Basil Bunting with Extended Commentary”

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Louis Zukofsky: Man and Poet

Edited by Carroll F. Terrell


The Man

Carroll F. Terrell, “Louis Zukofsky: An Eccentric Profile”

Robert Creeley, “For L.Z.”

Charles Tomlinson, “Objectivists: Zukofsky and Oppen, a Memoir”

Hugh Seidman, “Louis Zukofsky at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (1958-61)

Fielding Dawson, “A Memoir of Louis Zukofsky”

Barry Ahearn, “The Adams Connection”

Neil Baldwin, “Zukofsky, Williams, and The Wedge: Toward a Dynamic Convergence”

The Poet

Louis Zukofsky, “Discarded Poems”

Don Byrd, “The Shape of Zukofsky’s Canon”

Hugh Kenner, “Two Pieces on ‘A'”

Peter Quartermain, “‘Not at All Surprised by Science’: Louis Zukofsky’s First Half of ‘A’-9

M. L. Rosenthal, “Zukofsky: ‘All My Hushed Sources”

Harold Schimmel, “Zuk. Yehoash David Rex”

John Taggart, “Zukofsky’s ‘Mantis'”

The Thinker

Louis Zukofsky, “[Sincerity and Objectification]”

L.S. Dembo, “Louis Zukofsky: Objectivist Poetics and the Quest for Form”

Cid Corman, “In the Event of Words”

Jonathan Greene, “Zukofsky’s Ferdinand”

The Translator

Burton Hatlen, “Zukofsky as Translator”

Guy Davenport, “Zukofsky’s English Catullus”

David M. Gordon, “Three Notes on Zukofsky’s Catullus I ‘Catullus viii’: 1939-1960″

The Testament

Celia Zukofsky, “Year by Year Bibliography of Louis Zukofsky”

Marcella Booth, “The Zukofsky Papers: The Cadence of a Life”

Carroll F. Terrell, “A Bibliography of Works about Louis Zukofsky with Extended Commentary”

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