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Hugh MacDiarmid: Man and Poet

Edited by Nancy Gish


Grieve and MacDiarmid: Portrait(s) of a Poet

Deidre Chapman, “A Memoir”

Morag Enticknap, “A Memoir”

Naomi Mitchison, “MacDiarmid and the Scottish Renaissance”

In Memoriam Hugh MacDiarmid

Nancy Gish, “Interview with Norman MacCaig, November 12, 1979”

Nancy Gish, “Interview with John Montague 1980”

Nancy Gish, “Interview with Seamus Heaney 1980”

Donald Davie, “In a Year of the Olympics”

“The Company I’ve Kept”: Contexts and Intertexts

Alan Bold, “MacDiarmid and the Cairncross Connection”

Raymond Ross, “‘Oneness of Concept’: MacDiarmid and Empirio-Criticism”

Peter McCarey, “Lev Shestov and Hugh MacDiarmid”

Alan Riach, “Hugh MacDiarmid and Charles Olson”

“Whaur Extremes Meet”: The Work

Kenneth Buthlay, “Adventuring in Dictionaries”

Harvey Oxenhorn, “From Sangschaw to ‘Harry Semen’: The Poet’s Language and the Poet’s Voice”

Rena Grant, “Synthetic Scots: Hugh MacDiarmid’s Imagined Community”

Nancy Gish, “MacDiarmid Reading The Waste Land: The Politics of Quotation”

Roderick Watson, “Landscapes of Mind and Word: MacDiarmid’s Journey to the Raised Beach and Beyond”

Carl Freedman, “Beyond the Dialect of the Tribe: James Joyce, Hugh MacDiarmid, and World Language”

Stephen P. Smith, “Hugh MacDiarmid’s Lucky Poet: Autobiography and the Art of Attack”


W.R. Aitken, “A Bibliography of Hugh MacDiarmid”


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David Jones: Man and Poet

Edited by John Matthis


The Man

T. S. Eliot, “A Note on In Parenthesis and The Anathemata

W. H. Auden, “On IN Parenthesis, On The Anathemata

Stephen Spender, “David Jones”

Hugh MacDiarmid, “An Identity of Purpose”

Kathleen Raine, “From ‘David Jones and the Actually Loved and Known’”

Michael Alexander, “From ‘David Jones’ and ‘The Dream of the Rood’”

Guy Davenport, “In Love with All Things Made”

R. S. Thomas, “Remembering David Jones”

John Tripp, “A David Jones Mural at Llanthony”

John Montague, “From The Great Bell (Conversations with David Jones, 1969-1975)”

Anne Beresford, “Thomas”

René Hague, “From Dai Greatcoat: A Self-Portrait of David Jones in His Letters”

David Jones, “Letters to H.S. Ede”

William Blissett, “From The Long Conversation”

Thomas Dilworth, “David Jones and Fascism”

The Poet

In Parenthesis

Colin Hughes, “David Jones: The Man Who Was on the Field. In Parenthesis as Straight Reporting”

William Blissett, “The Syntax of Violence”

Neil Corcoran, “Spilled Bitterness: In Parenthesis in History”

Vincent Sherry, “The Ineluctable Monologuality of the Heroic”

The Anathemata

N. K. Sandars, “The Present Past in The Anathemata and Roman Poems”

Jeremy Hooker, “In the Labyrinth: An Exploration of The Anathemata

Thomas Dilworth, “The Shape of Time in The Anathemata

Patrick Deane, “The Text as ‘Valid Matter’: Language and Style in The Anathemata

The Sleeping Lord and The Roman Quarry

Teresa Godwin Phelps, “The Tribune and the Tutelar: The Tension of Opposites in The Sleeping Lord

Tony Stoneburner, “Notes Toward Performing ‘The Sleeping Lord’”

John Peck, “Poems for Britain, Poems for Sons”

Vincent Sherry, “The Roman Quarry of David Jones: Extraordinary Persepective”

The Artist

Eric Gill, “From ‘David Jones’”

Kenneth Clark, “Some Recent Paintings by David Jones”

Arthur Giardelli, “Four Related Works by David Jones”

Paul Hills, “‘The Pierced Hermaphrodite’: David Jones’s Imagery of the Crucifixion”

The Thinker

Kathleen Henderson Staudt, “The Decline of the West and the Optimism of the Saints: David Jones’s Reading of Oswald Spengler”

Thomas R. Whitaker, “Homo Faber, Homo Sapiens”

The Testament

Samuel Rees, “David Jones Bibliography”

Paul Hills, “A List of Drawings, Paintings, Carvings, and Inscriptions by David Jones in Public Collections”

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